List of products by brand D+Concept

Price €11.50

60 mlAcne Prone SkinAn extremely fresh emulsion with a rebalancing, repairing action for acne-prone skin.Soothes post-acne redness and irritation, aids cellular renewal (helping to soften unsightly scarring) and reduces the likelihood of skin inflammation.

Price €6.00

200 mlSLS et SLES freeAn intimate hygiene product must perform a cleaning action, soothing, deodorant and refreshing action, preventing the natural acidity of the environment (pH around 5,5).Natural pH intimate fluid gel with hypo-allergenic fragrance and ingredients of vegetable origin for the daily cleansing of external mucouses.It leaves a pleasant...

Price €5.00

200 mlPhysiological pH - Ideal for all types of skinThe slightly acid pH of this liquid soap makes it suitable for all skin types.Its formulation does not alter physiological skin surface pH; on the contrary, its ability of lipids releaser helps keep the skin smooth and hydrated.Fragrance free from potential allergens.DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED

Price €6.00

250 mlIdeal for all types of skinDesigned to free skin from impurities and blemishes caused by excess sebum, to reduce the appearance of pores and to promote skin renewal.This product does not contain perfume or colouring agents, to reduce the risk of allergies.DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED

Price €16.50

200 mlHigh PerformanceCOMFORTABLE SKINLight, fresh and delicately fragranced, this lotion contrasts the development of stretch marks and reduces the visibility of existing stretch marks through the stimulation of fibroblasts (*).The intense complex of plant extracts exerts an important action on skin trophism, providing support to the elastic fibres and...